Dog Training

We are a friendly club and our primary aim is to promote responsible dog ownership.

We provide a wide range of training, so if you have a new dog that you want to be well-behaved and easy to live with, or if you have a particular problemn# or problems with your dog, or if you are interested in competing in obedience, perhaps you would like to join us.

We train on Tuesday evenings at Stoke Bishop Village hall and the times are as follows:


7.15 - 7.45 Beginners course

7.45 - 8.15 Intermediate class

8.15 - 8.50 Good Citizen's Award (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

8.50 - 10.00 Competitive obedience

Dogs start by doing an eight-week course, a new course starting every eight weeks.

The cost of training is £6 per year for membership of the club (which covers insurance, etc) and £16 for the eight-week course. Dogs which succesfully complete a beginners' course (and most do) cab#n move up into the Intermediate level, which just costs £2 each time you come. If your dog is not yet ready go up then your trainer will recommend that you repeat the course and this again costs £16 for the eight weeks.


Our trainers are very experienced, both in competitive obedience and in solving the everyday problems that dog owners encounter.

If you would like further information, please contact Bobbie Perkins (01179831029)